Smash Mountain Studio Has created the first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Video game in the world

In response to the martial arts community’s call, we’ve crafted a digital dojo where each smash is backed by a strategy, every move a calculated step towards victory. Our games transcend traditional fighting games play by offering a blend of martial arts authenticity with strategic gameplay.


No button bashing game mechanic

Learn and Visualize

Learn and visualise real-life techniques, tactics and sport’s rules through play

Cerebral Experience

Fighting in our realm is a cerebral experience


When people say they will move mountains to achieve their goals…

We at Smash Mountain Studio say:


…every challenge in our journey to original creations


Our streamlined and meticulous approach towards every creation is driven by small professional teams. They collaborate with enormous teamwork and good humour, and are composed of individuals who compete against themselves. We fight to keep playing instead of fighting to win. We thrive on the cooperative and growth mindset required to reach our objectives and so to follow the infinite learning curve.

Entertain, Facilitate and Transform lives by creating remarkable Games


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