Check out our portfolio. Smash Mountain Studio specializes in game development and VR/AR experiences. With a team of extensive capabilities, we deliver crafted innovative experiences to help drive businesses and to exceed expectations of our clients.

Our streamlined and meticulous approach towards every project is built on creativity, authenticity and commitment.


Domino’s VR Mini Game

Creation of a mini VR Game that Domino’s Pizza ha sponsored. In this quick experience, the player was challenged to make a peperoni pizza within 2:59 time limit. At the end, he was evaluated with a score according to his performance. Spectators could follow the activity via 4 different cameras through a TV which also displayed the players leaderboard.


Coca-cola – Small Market VR

Many diverse applications exist for environments such as markets, shops, snack bars, banks among many others. From a simple visualization to recognize its space to more complex applications as integrating for an e-commerce or as developing for training and marketing activations tests. Virtual Reality has no limits.


Bejj jiu-jitsu Game

BEJJ is a pioneer game for a large existing community lacking of a dedicated Jiu-Jitsu game. UFC was created to show the world that Jiu-Jitsu (JJ) was the most efficient existing martial art. With its original RPG-strategy-tactical-card-fighting mechanic, BEJJ is designed for a broad community and not only for people familiar with JJ. The former will learn Jiu-Jitsu as they play through the animations, since they can play by the rules and numbers of the game and still be successful, or just enjoy a different and original game, and the latter will have a great experience identifying elements from the real JJ world. BEJJ can be casual, depending on how players deal with it, but it is a perfect fit for midcore/hardcore players, with competitions and much more.

STR Engenharia VR

STR – Real Estate Market VR

Gamified VR and totally immersive for Real Estate projects like this one made for STR and its building in Engenho de Dentro, Rio de Janeiro:

  • Total immersion and Interaction with the 3D environment

  • Stimulus to explore the future building with freedom for the Client

  • Sales information included in the experience

  • 3D quality according to targeted audience

  • Adequacy for any kind of environment and real estate development

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